Here’s Lena Dunham Doing What Looks Like Acro Yoga, Maybe

Here’s Lena Dunham Doing What Looks Like Acro Yoga, Maybe


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Is that Lena Dunham flying in an acro yoga pose? If you frequent these parts you know we like to post our share of celebriyogis. Cause, celebriyogis, they’re just like us, right? It’s nice to relate.

Lena Dunham, creator and star of Girls and occasional interpretive dancer (her Sia “Chandelier” rendition has a special place in our heart) isn’t afraid to try new things. This approach has served her well in life and has clearly led her to what could very well be considered acro yoga (or at least that’s what the media is calling it) which is what she might be doing in this photo she posted to Instagram.

It’s definitely acro. Is it yoga? Are we opening this can of worms? Lena’s partner is Ryan Stepka aka @acroshirt, an NYC-based Acro Revolution teacher. According to their website, Acro Revolution is “a community of acrobats on progressive, method-based teaching practices designed to explore the art of human connection.” Yoga? Eh, maybe somewhere in there. Everyone wants to think so. (Note: Lena didn’t call it yoga herself.)

Let’s just chalk this one up to Lena dipping her daring toes into something that sorta, kinda might be yoga, but likely isn’t, but very well could be the gateway to a yoga practice down the road. Yeah, that’s it. We’re glad she’s having fun. Side note to the media: Stop calling everything yoga!

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