Frequently Asked Questions

 This page answers questions prospective students send us that we feel would be useful for everyone to hear the answers. Please email us at [email protected] if you have more questions.

Do you get a certification with this training?

You become certified as an Acro Revolution Teacher. You will get a profile page on Acro Revolution where you can post your bio and update your offerings. You will also be listed on the teachers page. There are multiple ways we support our teachers. This includes teacher gatherings, access to additional teaching tools, and the support of the Acro Revolution teaching family. One of our main goals as facilitators is to actively support our teacher base around the world.


Do you have to be a yoga teacher before you apply?

No. There is no prerequisite to be a yoga teacher for Acro Revolution Teacher Training.
To figure out if you are ready and prepared to attend Acro Revolution Teacher Training please see prerequisites.


Do you get continuing education requirements through Yoga Alliance?

Acro Revolution is not affiliated with Yoga Alliance.


What is Acropeutics?

Acropeutics is the art of inverted partner stretching. We will use the skills students have learned in L-basing acrobatics and apply them to Acropeutics in a step by step manner based on primary flows that build to more comprehensive offerings.

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