Acro Revolution is a 10 day teacher training that consists of intensive instruction in L-base acrobatics with a focus on skills including; washing machines, whips, pops, foot-to-hand, hand-to-hand, standing, and other circus monkey tricks! In addition to learning techniques to fully embody this practice, you will learn how to teach partner acrobatics at various levels. The restorative practice of Acropeutics will be incorporated to create a more sustainable acrobatic practice and to help facilitate connection and community. In addition to the physical skills, training will include multiple sessions on teaching methodology, the ‘business’ of being an acro teacher, best practices for social media promotion, and community facilitation. All material presented will be taught using progressions and method based teaching practices. You will come out of this training equipped to not only teach acrobatics, but with the knowledge to train intelligently, heal yourself, and support your community.


The top 3 goals for the student are:

1.  Learn methods, techniques, and progressions to teach L- base acrobatics.

2. Embody high level acrobatics, teaching, and facilitation skills.

3.  Learn safety, healthy communication, and community building.


While we understand the reason for a lot of prerequisites in preparation for training, we believe experience and passion often runs deeper than having a specific certification. We want you to tell us why you feel prepared for this experience: so rather than setting up a lot of prerequisites, we rely on asking you to demonstrate a variety of skills performed with a level that takes serious practice to learn. Through conversation, the application, and the video of you completing the pre-reqs, we will assess where you are in your practice and if Acro Revolution Teacher Training is right for you.


1. Base and/or fly on minimum of 100 people

2. 400+ hours practicing L-base acrobatics

3. Handstand on or off the wall for 1 minute

4. Make a video with the skills below.

5. Fill out the application

Below are the skills we want to see on your application video. Please submit these skills and include a short interview with your name and why you want to become an Acro Revolution teacher. Application videos must be under 12 minutes long.

• 30 sec F2H

• 30 sec Free Shoulder Stand

• 30 sec Free Star

• Cartwheels in slow motion

• Side Star to Side Star (base is hands-free)

• Jump to Reverse Star

• Barrel Roll

• High Barrel Roll

• Catherine’s Wheel

Spotting Catherine’s Wheel

Spotting High Barrel Roll

Sample Application Video


Acro Revolution Teacher Training



The teacher training is residential and the fee covers delicious food, dorm style housing, as well as all of the awesome acro and training.